Dancers' Showcase - Free Admission!!!

Join us Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm for our Dancers'  Showcase featuring Marta Korzun.  The show location is the Joe V. Knox Auditorium in the Charles Mack Citizen center - 215 N Main Street, Mooresville, NC

Terms and Conditions

  • No Refunds are available for workshops and shows unless event is cancelled. Workshop registrations may be transferred to another person with prior notice to Pyramid Road.. 
  • Pyramid Road has the right of refusal to anyone causing uncomfortable or inappropriate situations as deemed by the instructor or Pyramid Road Representatives. We reserve the right to admission for all Pyramid Road events. 
  • Participants must sign liability waiver before participating in workshops or performing in show. 
  • Observers pay the same fee as registered participants. 
  • No Discounts for late arrivals.  
  • No video taping of any kind during the Workshops and Dancers' Showcase. If instructors allow video taping at the end of the workshop, participants may only video tape other participants. Those video taping must be at the front of the venue. Absolutely no video taping of the instructors. Any participant that is found to be violating the video taping policy will be asked to delete the clip and will be escorted out of the event for the remainder of the workshops or show.